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Welcome to Mommy’s Little World!

My name is Jana and I am the creator of the Mommy’s Little World. A place mostly for moms (dads are welcome as well!), who would like to homeschool their preschooler or supplement the education.

I created this website so I can share my knowledge and experiences with parenting and educating children, and I can’t wait to help you with homeschooling your preschooler!

Here you can find lesson plans for homeschooling or supplementing education of your preschooler, printables, info about parenting and the latest research in education, development, nutrition and everything in between.

Homeschooling can be intimidating and confusing at first. I get it!  But I believe that nobody can teach your child quite as much as you! With the help of our lesson plans, you are more than capable of making homeschooling happen! 
You’re the one who taught your child to crawl and walk. You can be the one who will teach your child colors, numbers and ABCs!
Your child will grow closer to you in the process and you will strengthen his psychological development as well!

Numerous studies found that preschool education is very important for a child’s academic success not only in kindergarten but for the success for the years to come all the way to the college! Kids with the solid start are more likely to go to college and have less learning problems along the way.

Mommy’s Little World Lesson Plans contain everything your child would learn at preschool. Don’t risk that you’ll miss something when homeschooling your child. Have a plan!

I know many parents are afraid of homeschooling. Well, no wonder!
I found out that there aren’t very many lesson plans parents could follow each week. You can find letters and numbers printables and stuff like that. But not actual lesson plans that would suggest a theme and have specific subjects such as science, math, writing, skills, language, and literacy…

That’s when I got an idea of helping parents all over the world with educating their little ones! I created lesson plans that will help your child reach her milestones and learn what she needs to stay on track. You never have to worry about failing to teach your child the right things.

My lesson plans are very easy to follow, fun and include everything your child needs for the successful start. 

Ready to give your kids the best gift – the gift of LEARNING? Try our lesson plans for FREE right now!

How it all started

After I got a master’s degree from Social Work, I decided I wanna try business school. Well, 2 years into the business school, I realized that it wasn’t my thing, and I started working with kids as a nanny instead. I loved it!

Once I realized how much I liked working with kids, I decided to make it my career and I got a job as a preschool teacher. I absolutely loved being a preschool teacher. The kids are so much fun and give me the energy and joy no other job could.

But when my baby was born I wanted to stay at home with her so I started thinking about how to work from home. I researched a lot of “work from home” articles, but the majority of posts for these types of jobs seemed to be a scam and I was scared to apply and give them all my personal information!

Then I came across blogging. It immediately grabbed my attention and I thought to myself that blogging is perfect for me! I love writing and even more, I love making lesson plans, printables and all kinds of fun worksheets for kids. 

And that’s how I got this crazy idea of helping parents all over the world with educating their little ones!

I really hope you enjoy the lesson plans and my blog just as much as I enjoy creating it 🙂

Love,  Jana

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