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Educating little minds is no easy tasks! Let us help you with fun printables, engaging worksheets and preschool lesson plans which will teach children that school CAN be fun and that we DO love learning!

All Year Lessons for Preschoolers

All year lessons for preschool aged children

Numbers and Letters Lesson Plans and Worksheets are a great resource especially for homeschooled families who need easy to follow plan that will teach their preschool and kindergarten aged children all letters and numbers 0-50 in a fun and easy way. This resource is a great addition to school lesson plans for preschool (PreK) and kindergarten teachers as well. There is no preparation needed, and you can use these all year round! Get the lesson plans here.

10 Books to read with your preschooler this summer

Summer is the time of the year when everyone is happy as can be. Sun, water, sand and fun are everyone’s favorite after all! Summer is also a great time for some of the best books to read with your preschooler!

I put together 10 of my most favorite summer books. Read them out loud as a family during picnic (or any other time!), or as a bedtime story that will make your child excited for the next day. . . . Continue reading

Spring/Summer themed printables packet

Spring/Summer themed packet for preschoolers and homeschoolers is a pack of 13 fun worksheets you can do with kids to practice alphabet, numbers and shapes. All pages are black and white for easy printing. Worksheets are full of pictures that kids will enjoy. Children can color the worksheets as they work through them!

Teachers and parents can use these worksheets at home or at school/virtual classroom.


Number practice
Common core Counting and Cardinality

Check out our printables and worksheets HERE! You will find many fun, engaging and educational materials for your preschooler, kindergarten-er or homeschooler!

Printables and worksheets for preschoolers (4-5 years old) are similar to what would your child learn at school. Together with our lesson plans, your child will be ready for kindergarten stage in no time!
Printables and worksheets for kindergarten follow “Common Core State Standards”.

You can also find our printables and worksheets on TpT!

Practice numbers 1 – 10

Number Practice for preschoolers and kindergarten

Practicing numbers is very important, but can be a little bit challenging as well. Some kids seem to just get it and magically learn to count to 100 in a few days. Most of children take MUCH LONGER than that though. When I taught kids at school their numbers, repetition was a key. A lot … Continue reading

Road trip activities for kids

Road trip travel activities with kids

Oh Road-trip. Travelling with kids is fun – if you’re prepared! 

I remember when I was little and we went on a road trip. My parents loved to travel and they always took us to places! But not every part of the trip was fun. My younger sister and I didn’t do well traveling in a car together and our parents enjoyed a lot of name-calling and yelling. My poor mom had to make sure she had two sets of everything. Two sets of crayons and paper, the same snacks for both and the same toys for both. Continue reading . . .

Gross motor activities for babies

Babies are generally active little people who will leave you feeling totally exhausted at the end of the day. Especially when they start crawling and getting into EVERYTHING like my little monkey. My daughter is super active and she loves when I do different activities with her! It’s important to do both, gross motor activities and fine motor activities. Today I will show you some of our favorite gross motor activities. Continue reading . . .

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