Watercolor Valentine’s Cards | Watercolor and crayon art

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and I am searching internet hoping to find some really cool Valentine’s Day craft that doesn’t take hour to set up and doesn’t require 10 specialty supplies you have to go out and buy.

Then I remembered watercolor art we did at preschool!

Watercolor Valentine’s Cards are very easy to make and they are really beautiful. You can pretty much customize the card however you want. You don’t have to draw a heart like we did. I’ve made cards with the word “Love” on it, and we also drew a Christmas tree and painted the card green and red for Christmas! It’s totally up to your imagination!

What you need

How to make the watercolor and crayon art

To make this watercolor crayon art, start with folding paper in half. Depends on how big you want your card to be, you can leave it as it is, or cut it smaller. We used regular paper, but you can also use card stock for more sturdier card.

With the white crayon, draw a picture you want on your card after it’s painted.

We did two hearts, since it’s Valentine’s card. You can also write “Love” or draw anything else you wish.

Make sure you press on the paper. You need to have a thick layer of crayon so the watercolor doesn’t color over it. I traced the heart a few times to make sure the layer is nice and thick.

Can you see the heart in the picture above? 🙂

Once you’re happy with your crayon art, it’s time to add some color to our masterpiece!

I used water colors, but you can also mix water and a few drops of food coloring. Make sure your brush is really wet, then dip it in the color. I painter over the heart and tried to cover the whole paper from side to side.

Using water in a cup to get your paintbrush really wet is what creates that really cool water color look.

I decided to add some purple too, because I like red and purple combination! I saw this color combination somewhere and I loved it ever since.

Your hearts (or whatever you decided to draw) will stay white as you color over it. It’s actually really cool art project. It’s like revealing secret messages!

You could maybe draw pictures with crayons and then let the other person color over it to reveal the message. It would be really cool Valentine’s Day project!

Here is my watercolor Valentine’s Day card. It’s a perfect project for younger kids, as well as older kiddos. It’s easy, and you probably have all supplies you need at home!

Almost every box of crayons have a white one in it. If yours doesn’t have it though, I found a box on amazon that does have one. Click on the link and take a quick look at the picture. There is white crayon on the right, and then white/silver looking one on the left.

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