St. Patrick’s Pom Pom Shamrock

I love green color and I am always more than happy to do some green art that every kid in my class loves.

Working at preschool, you do A LOT of art projects. And you go through A LOT of green paint around this time of the year, so you better like green! 😀

I like projects that are quick to set up, don’t require any special supplies, and something kids can pretty much do themselves.

I just think that it’s nice when the final product is actually something kids really made. Not something parents or teachers made while kids watched.

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What you need for St. Patrick’s Pom Pom Shamrock

St. Patrick's Pom Pom Shamrock
St. Patrick's Pom Pom Shamrock

This project is really easy and you can let kids do it all themselves. Supervising your children is still suggested though.

First, draw a picture of shamrock on a blank piece of paper. If you would rather print the picture of shamrock, you can print out this one.

Pinch the pom pom with your clothespin.

Dip the pom pom in the paint and make dots to fill in the shamrock picture.

I have these little cups where I keep the paint. I bought this finger paint in the small cups once at Walmart, and I refill these cups with kids paint or finger paint. I love these cups because of the colored lids! I can refill them with the same color that’s on the lid and then give it to kids. This way if they spill, they won’t spill the whole bottle and they can open and close it anytime they want. 🙂

I didn’t really like the original finger paint that was in them though. It says it’s non-toxic, but it had very toxic smell! It smelled like a chemical, and my baby hated to paint with it because of that smell. Also, it said it’s washable, yet I couldn’t wash it from clothes. It didn’t even come off when I poured bleach on it! For this reason, you will never see me provide a link to this paint or recommend this paint.

Did you like this art project? Let us know how it went in comments bellow!

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