Rolling the ball – Simple Gross Motor Activity for Babies

Gross motor activities don’t have to be always complicated and hard to set up. Not always I want to (or have time to) go shop for everything I am going to need, just so I can do 10 minutes of this activity with my baby. Let’s be serious, 10 minutes is the most you’re going to get your baby to do something before he/she starts to crawl away and do something else.

One of the simplest of gross motor activities for babies is rolling the ball!

It’s easy activity that develops gross motor skills in infants that can’t crawl yet, as well as crawling babies.

If your baby can’t crawl yet, I’d recommend to wrap a nursing pillow behind baby’s back to support your baby so he/she doesn’t fall back. Sit within arm’s reach so you can catch your baby in case he/she starts falling forward!

This is great for building balance and core strength important for sitting, as well as crawling.

I chose a smaller and lighter ball so S can grab it easily. The ball is textured for extra sensory experience.

I sat down and put S in front of me, facing me. I grabbed the ball and slowly rolled it towards her. I encouraged S to grab the ball and roll it back to me. At first, I’d help her by rolling the ball back to me from her arms. I clapped and said “Yayyy! S!” every time she did throw the ball.

S got very excited and started to throw the ball. Sometimes the ball would go different direction and she went after it.

This activity is great for practicing gross motor skills! She is moving her arms, torso and legs. She works on hand – eye coordination and she is practicing grabbing objects. Textured ball is providing sensory experience as well.

So many benefits with such a simple activity! I feel like sometimes we forget that the simplest is the best.

What activities do you like to do with your baby? Does your baby like to roll the ball?

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