Pom Pom bottle – Gross motor activity for babies

Gross motor activities don’t have to be always complicated and hard to set up. Not always I want to (or have time to) go shop for everything I am going to need, just so I can do 10 minutes of this activity with my baby. Let’s be serious, 10 minutes is the most I am going to get my baby to do something before she starts to crawl away and do something else.

I love to share easy activities I did with my baby, and you can do with yours too!

Today, me and S did Pom Pom bottle activity! It’s very simple and really fun indoor gross motor activity for babies.

First, I bought one of those really big jugs of water. You can pour the water out and use the bottle right away, but we took our time and we drank the water. Then I let the bottle lay upside-down to dry.

Once the bottle is dry, fill it up with whatever you want. I used colorful pom poms and colorful buttons.

I like to use pom poms because they are light and move slower, they are big and they have rich colors. I actually closed the bottle thinking I am done, but then I thought the bottle is missing something. It was a fun bottle but it was too quiet. So I decided to put some colorful buttons into the bottle, so they make a sound when S shakes and rolls the bottle.

S was very curious and came crawling as soon as I shook the bottle and put it on the floor. She was pointing on the pom poms and was very interested in the whole bottle. It was very new toy, she never had a big bottle like this to play with.

Toys like these support gross motor development in infants, because they make the baby move every muscle group.

After she rolled the bottle around (with my help), she was tired of crawling and chasing after the bottle. She sat up and tried to lift the bottle up and shake it a little bit. The bottle is light and it will not hurt her if she tries to lift it. In fact, it is good for her!

Encourage your baby to roll the bottle, point on it and touch it while on all four. It’s an amazing gross motor exercise. It works on all muscles – arms, core, legs and neck. Your baby will also practice balance touching the bottle while on knees.

If your baby can’t crawl yet, and you’re still working on tummy time, this might be a great toy for that too. Put it in front of your baby during tummy time and encourage your baby to lift his/her head and chest up to look at the bottle. Shake it and roll it to grab your baby’s interest.

Did you try this activity? Did your baby like it? We want to hear about it!

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