Sweet mother daughter date ideas that every daughter loves (and 10 reasons you should have them)

In today’s world, it’s not easy to find the time for some quality one-on-one with your child. We are busy at work, there are just too many household chores that need to be done and we are so exhausted that we don’t have the energy to find an hour, let alone a day, to put these mother daughter date ideas on our already long to-do list.

But finding time for your kids is so important! Research shows there are numerous benefits of spending a lot of quality time with your children.

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Here are the 10 most important reasons why you should spend time with your child.

Builds your children’s self esteem

Children who spend time with their parents are building their sense of self-worth. Kids see their parents love them, value them and respect them. This builds child’s self esteem. Show your kids how smart, funny, and beautiful they are every chance you get!

Makes them feel loved and important

This one goes with the first reason. Spending time with your babies lets them know they are loved and they are important to you. Every person in the world wants to be loved. We thrive when we are loved. Hug your children often, kiss them on the cheek, cuddle with them and tell them you love them. It’s the little things that make the biggest impact.

Models good behavior

When you spend time with your child, your child is watching you. He/she is watching how you behave, talk, what you eat and what you do…just so he/she can be like you! Daughters want to be just like their mama, sons want to be like their dad.
Influence your child’s behavior by showing your child the good way of doing things! Act gracefully, talk nice, eat healthy meals, be kind to others and show your child that he/she can be like that too. Remember, how can you want your child to be good, eat veggies and be nice, if you are not all that?

There is a song by Rodney Atkins called “Watching You” that sums it up pretty well!

Makes stronger family bond

Spending time with your daughter strengthens the bond between you and her. Remember, you are your daughter’s first best friend. Spending time with her nurtures the bond between you two and builds trust.

Creates memories

Remember fun memories, family game nights, manicure just you and your mom…those are awesome memories you will cherish forever, huh? Give the same memories to your daughter! Take her out, play some games, color together or play dress up and let her wear your dress. Create memories she will remember for the rest of her life.

Reduces stress

Being together, just you and your baby girl, can help reduce stress for both of you. You can support each other, talk to each other about your worries, what stresses you or makes you scared. The more time you spend with your daughter, the more open she will be with you. She will trust you and tell you things that worry her, make her scared or sad. Let your daughter know you are there for her and she is not alone. Being with your child feels so calming and soothing, doesn’t it?

Creates environment for open communication

When you spend time with your daughter, you build trust and you create an environment where she can communicate with you openly. It’s important to start with bonding with your child when she is little, that way when she enters those awkward teenage years, she will feel safe with you and she will come to you when she needs to talk to someone. It’s the best feeling in the world, knowing you are the one your child will come to. Create this safe environment while they are small, and nurture this relationship year after year.

Helps your child’s academic performance

While you are with your daughter, chances are you will help her with her homework, prepare for test and finish a project. Supporting and helping your daughter academically will improve her grades, and helps her like school. When kids have good experiences with learning, tests and school in general, they are more likely to be successful later on as well.

Homeschooling gives your kids a chance to learn in the loving and nurturing environment. I can’t think of a better teacher for your daughter than you! Remember, there are some great teachers out there, but nobody will ever teach your daughter with so much love and patience like you!

It teaches you more about your child

Want to learn more about your daughter? Do you want to know what her favorite color is, what she likes for breakfast or whether she likes to bake? Spend time with her! Being there, give your child some undivided attention and being observant are the best ways to learn more about your child. Watch her dancing, being silly or tell funny jokes. Is she a good singer, swimmer or does she like to play on piano? You don’t know until you pend time with her and watch her do those things!

Sets strong foundation for your child’s life

All these reasons combined come to the last, very important reason why you should do mother daughter date nights. It sets foundation for your child’s life!

Now let’s explore some mother daughter date ideas!

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Have a dance party

Girls of preschool age love to be silly and dance to fun songs. I used to do dance parties at preschool, and kids always loved them. Turn on fun music, dim the lights, laugh and dance the silliest dance you can think of!

Read a book together

Reading books together is completely different experience, much more fun, than reading book by yourself. You can take turns and read a page at the time. Don’t worry about picking educational books, make sure you pick something your daughter will enjoy! Even better – take your daughter to the library or a book store and let her pick some books.

Have a picnic

When I was little, I LOVED picnics in the living room or our backyard. Put a blanket down and bring some fun food, like pizza and ice cream! If you are camping inside, you can turn on a movie, or turn off the lights, grab a flash light and tell each other stories! How fun is that?

Have a mini photo-shoot

As a mom, you are probably the one taking pictures. But how about letting your daughter be in charge of camera and take pictures of you? Your daughter will feel special for letting her handle the camera and be in charge! Have fun with it! You can go out and take pictures of interesting things around the town, or pictures of you two.

Paint together

Painting is a fun and relaxing activity. You can paint at home, or go to one of those places where you follow a lead of a skilled art teacher. It’s up to your preference and your budget. Get one big canvas and paint together, or paint on separate canvases and have fun that way. Kids love to color and paint. The messier the better!

Pick her up early from school

If you can’t afford to spend a whole day together, and weekends are just too busy, go pick her up from school earlier and have some fun afterwards! For example, you can pick her up around lunch time and take her for lunch and to the park!

If you are homeschooling family, end your homeschool earlier and go out. Do something you normally don’t do, that way it feels special. It doesn’t have to be expensive though! Take her to the restaurant for a slice of pie and chocolate milk, or go to the doughnut shop and have yummy doughnuts with sprinkles on top!
If you have more than one child, ask your husband or someone from the family to stay at home with the other kids. That way you spend some one-on-one time with your daughter. Make sure you do the same date (or similar if they don’t like the same things) for each of the kids so they don’t feel bad or get jealous though!

Look through old family photo albums

I don’t know how about you but I love looking through family pictures once in a while! I’d laugh at my mom and dad, because the fashion was just so different when they were young. They looked so funny to me and so cool at the same time.

Cuddle up on the couch and grab some old family photo albums from when you were little or when your daughter was a baby. She will have fun looking at your childhood pictures, how dressed you were, who was on the picture with you, what you were doing and where you were. She sure will love looking at her baby pictures as well!

Cuddle in bed

Sometimes what you both need is just a little cuddle. Lay down in bed, get comfy and cuddle up. Cuddling is just so relaxing and it will make you feel closer and loved. You may lay there completely quiet, just relaxing for an hour, or you can turn on some music or TV. Your daughter may open up and talk to you about things that are on her mind, or even share secrets with you.

Remember, cuddles on the bed are always better with some yummy popcorn!

Tell each other memories and stories

You can do this one whenever you are with your daughter and you feel like you need some bonding time. Share some funny stories, your childhood memories, or memories of your daughter’s babyhood. It’s so much fun, you don’t need any preparation time for this, and it’s free!

Play together

When was the last time you got down on your knees and played with your daughter? I know many of you will say “today”, but many will say “I don’t know…a long time ago!”. If you are in the second group, go play with your daughter once in a while as a part of your bonding time. (But don’t feel like you have to play with your kids ALL THE TIME though! Some alone play time is good for them.)

Play whatever your daughter wants to play, whether it is pretend tea party, racing cars across the living room, or “who-swings-the-highest” contest at the park. Your daughter will love the fact that you actually do what she wants to do, and that you are actively involved when she is playing.

Do tickle fights, ice cream fights or pillow fights

These are so much fun! Tickle, ice cream or pillow fights usually happen unplanned, these are not times you should schedule! 🙂 When it does happen, just go with it and have fun! I’m not saying, teach your child to throw ice cream at you every day. But once in a while it is so much fun!

Me and my husband have ice cream fight once in a while and it’s one of the happiest moments of ours. Yes it’s super messy, yes the ice cream is going to be sticky and you will find it everywhere. Well, that’s why you have these fights on the tile or hardwood floor, not on the carpet!

Tickle fights and pillow fights are super fun as well, just be careful not to hit your daughter too strong with the pillow! These fights can be fun stress reliever between siblings as well.

Do fun science projects together

I love doing science projects. They are fun, educational and it’s an awesome activity to do with your daughter. When I write our lesson plans for preschoolers, my favorite part is the science part! I know that families that will do these projects will have a lot of fun, and it makes me smile just to think about it. Find our lesson plans here.

Write a shared Journal together

This one is more for older kids that can write.

Writing shared Journal can be fun, and it can help your daughter share things with you. Sometimes it’s just easier to write about things than to say them out loud.

Go to the museum

Go to the museum and let your daughter pick which one she likes. Science museums usually have fun hands on activity rooms where you can try some projects on your own. Art museums are full of the most beautiful pictures and paintings. Children’s museums are geared towards the little ones and therefore will be fun for preschooler for sure! Whatever museum you choose, make the most of it. Pack fun snacks, take your daughter for a lunch at the museum cafeteria and let her explore what she wants and how long she wants. She might go through some parts lightning fast, and she might want to hang out in another parts of the museum for a long time. Let her do that and have fun with her.

Take her out for hot chocolate

My dad used to take me and my sister out for an ice cream and for a hot chocolate. I LOVED those days. We’d go to the downtown, sit down in one of the ice cream places and we were allowed as many sprinkles as our ice cream cone could handle. Such sweet memories!

Take her out for brunch

Take your daughter to the restaurant for brunch. Just the two of you. You can pick a fun pancake place that kids are sure to love, and have some one-on-one fun time.

Go play miniature golf

I love playing miniature golf, that is why I made sure I put this one on the list. You don’t have to be good at golf to play miniature golf. It’s actually great for two people. It’ll give you plenty of time and opportunities for chatting, having fun and play some golf!

Have a fun shopping day

By shopping I don’t mean, take her to Walmart for a grocery shopping. I mean, take her shopping to a mall or somewhere where she will have fun. Go shop for dresses, shoes or a little toy. Kids usually have fun shopping when it’s “let’s walk around the mall and go where you want to go” shopping, not “bread, butter, milk…” shopping!

Watch sunrise/sunset

Sunrise or sunset is absolutely stunning anywhere you are. Wake up, find a comfy spot, grab some hot cocoa and watch sunrise together. If you (or your daughter) are not a morning person, and waking up that early is more of a punishment than a treat, go watch sunset. Sunsets are just as beautiful and they don’t require alarm clocks. You can check on your weather app for times of sunrise and sunset. Take some pictures to show to the rest of the family!

Have a movie night

Let your daughter pick her favorite movie, watch your favorite, or find something that just came out and sounds really good. You can stay at home or you can go to movie theater. It’s totally up to you. Make sure you have plenty of snacks!

Let her come along for running errands

This one might sound weird, why would I consider this to be a date, huh? Well I’m not talking about chores here. Let her come along when you go run errands, and make her feel important. I personally used to love it when my mom took me with her to go do stuff. It was just going to the bank, post office or something similar, but she would always talk to me like I’m important part of it all and it would just boost my confidence and make me feel so satisfied with myself. I was little and I didn’t really understand what it is we are doing at the bank, but I sure felt special!
Talk to her about everything you need to do, ask if she wants to help and tell her how glad you are she is coming with you. Show her how your day looks like and make her feel like she is the most important part of it!

Take her for mani/pedi

Pamper your baby girl with some mani/pedi. There are many salons that are geared towards moms with kids. They even have small pink chairs and special nail polish for kids. How fun!

Camp in your backyard or living room

You can sleep in sleeping bags or put down comforters and sleep on those. Put down a lot of pillows and blankets for extra comfort.

Exercise together

Why are so many moms trying to figure out what to do with kids while they exercise, when they can do it with their kids? Your daughter will be watching you exercise and she will want to do it too. Let her watch you to work out, or do the workout with you.

You can stay at home or you can find a studio that won’t mind your daughter working out beside you. Just remember to not put too much strain on your daughter’s body. She is not grown up yet, so keep that in mind when choosing your style. How about something gentle like yoga? Yoga can be modified for kids and you both can work out together. I know a lot of kids that do yoga with their parents, and they love it!

Below you can find two great workout DVDs that are suitable for kids and adults. You could also find “mommy and me” yoga class that focuses on family yoga.

Cook or bake together

Cooking and baking is a great bonding activity. Show your daughter how to make her favorite desert, or maybe share an old family recipe with her.

Play board games

Which board game is your favorite? Mine is “Battleship” and “Monopoly”!
Pull out some games, order some pizza and have a game night together. What game is your daughter’s favorite? Is it “Candy land”, or “Sorry!”? I loved “Sorry!” when I was preschool age!

Take her to the park

Date night can be free, but just as fun. Take your daughter to the park near your house. Make sure you make it special. Don’t just watch her play, go play with her! Go on a swing or maybe even go on a slide with her. It’s fun and you are not the only parent doing that. Me and my husband get on swings and slides with our daughter all the time!

Play sport together

How about playing tennis, soccer or baseball? These sports might be mainly interesting for boys, but girls have fun with them too. You can forget the rules if you want, and play just for fun.

Take her for an ice cream

My dad used to take me for an ice cream every time my mom sent him to the store and I was with him. We’d go shop and then we’d stop at an ice cream place and get the biggest ice creams! I have loved it so much I had to put it on the list.

Go to the ZOO

I love ZOO! Take your daughter to the ZOO for a whole day, stay for a program if there is one, and have a lunch at the picnic tables. Ask your daughter what her favorite animal is, and if there is any animal she’s never seen, but she would really like to.
This is a great time for learning more about your daughter.

Have a slumber party

I know that when I say “slumber party”, you imagine a bunch of little girls having a sleepover, dressed in their princess PJ’s, eating M&Ms and drinking apple juice.

And you’re right.

BUT Slumber parties are great for forming friendships and that makes them awesome mother daughter date! Do it right though! Make fun snacks, pick a good movie and do whatever girls do at a slumber party.

Go skating

Doesn’t matter whether it’s ice skating, or roller skating. Both activities will get you moving, creating memories, laugh and create a bond between you two. It’s something you will always have in common and your daughter will remember fun times like these forever.

Plant and grow something together

Planting a tree or a flower is very rewarding. If you plant a tree, chances are you and your daughter will watch it grow your whole life. Isn’t that neat? If you move, you can take your plant, or tree with you (well depends on a size of the tree!).

Bonus points if you teach your child parts of the flower and life cycle of plants while at it.

Volunteer together

There are many programs that need volunteers to help homeless, orphans or elderly. Depends on your daughter’s age, not every one of them will take her and that’s ok. If you can’t find an organization that lets children help, you can make care packages instead. Put together some of the items you thing people might need. Just consider who you are giving it to. You will probably want to make different package for orphans, and different for the homeless.

Get haircut together

Make sure you make an appointment for both of you to have your hair done together at the same time, and to sit next to each other. That’s the part of the fun!

Take her to work with you

Work time! Take your baby girl with you and show her off to your coworkers. Show her what you do, where you go for lunch and tell her how you miss her while you’re at work. She will love to see a little bit from your world, especially since she doesn’t get to go to your work every day.

Volunteer at her school

If your child attends preschool, go spend a day in her class with her. Volunteer to help in her classroom and get to know her classmates, teachers and everything she wants to show you.

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What is your favorite mother daughter date idea? Do you do any other activities that are not on the list? Share with us in comments!

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