Morning basket – Why to have one and what to put in it

When kids come to school in the morning, they usually have some activities ready for them to start the day. I used to always put a different basket on each table in my classroom and as the kids started coming to the classroom in the morning, they could pick which activity they want to do.

This easy little step helped to start the day off right. Kids were relaxed and ready for the circle time. It also gave everyone a chance to just play with friends freely and kinda wake up – not everyone is a morning person you know! Myself included!

When you homeschool, often you don’t think about these little transitional activities. Especially if you are new to homeschooling and you are still figuring out what you are doing. You’re still trying to find out what to teach and what is the best schedule for your little student. Everyone has an opinion on homeschooling and people tend to have tons of questions. Was one of them about morning basket? Do you have one? What if you don’t even know what in the world that is? You might be thinking “I don’t have time to research what in the world is that morning basket!?”

Well, you’ll find your routine eventually. It just takes time. Every family is different, everyone has a different morning routine, and every family’s morning basket looks different as well.

What is morning basket

Morning basket is practically just a basket (or bucket, a pile) full of books and activities. Every week, you pick books that go with the current theme and put them in your basket. You can use books you already have at home or you can borrow books from the library. You can also add some activities. For example, put there colored pencils and paper, coloring pages, flash cards or tracing sheets. If you want to be festive during holidays, print out some Christmas themed flash cards, such as these sight words from Little Miss Kate & Co.

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Why you need a morning basket

The point of your morning basket is to create a transitional routine that will help your kids, and you, to start the day. It is a part of the day that lets children know that the school is about to start. 

You can decide if you want kids to read books together and out loud, or you can do a quiet time where everyone is sitting quietly with the book and reading on their own. If you have multiple kids of different ages, put there some books for older kids and some picture books for younger kids. You can also have older children reading books out loud to everyone. It’s up to you what your routine looks like!

You can also use this time for getting some of the homeschool work done. But make sure it’s fun! This part of the morning is meant to be relaxing and fun, remember? Pick activities that are both, educational and fun.

Here are some ideas of activities for your morning basket:

Remember how I said I used to prepare morning activities for kids in my classroom as well? Here is what we had in our morning baskets:

Curious George
are you my mother
the little engine that could
the day the crayons quit
pete the can: the wheels on the bus
 the color monster
there was an old lady who swallowed a fly
there was an old lady who swallowed some leaves
there was an old lady who swallowed a turkey
if you give a mouse a cookie
guess how much I love you
coloring pages
colored pencils
colored pencils
viewscope microscope
stem learning resources science lab set
collection of bugs in a glass
bristle blocks
cube blocks pattern blocks

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What is your morning routine? Do you have a morning basket?
What do you keep in it?