Hand washing procedure

Being a preschool teacher means you see A LOT of funny and weird stuff! 😀 One of the -not so funny- things is seeing kids go to the bathroom and then “wash” their hands. They usually pump the soap onto a palm of their hand and rinse it off without rubbing it. What a waste of soap and their hands are full of germs! Now if your child attended preschool and came home sick every week  – you at least know why. The germs spread like a wildfire during the dry summer! Yuck! I usually told the kids in my class that I want to smell the soap on their hands after they wash them. So after washing their hands, they’d run to me and stick their hands under my nose and tell me “Ms. Jana! Smell the soap!” 😀   

Learn the proper hand washing procedure is very important for your child. There are so many situations throughout the day when we touch door handles, dirty trash can, we use public restrooms… Make sure your child knows how to properly wash his hands!