Push and Pull – Gross motor activity

Gross motor skills are incredibly important. Mastering these skills not only helps your baby crawl and sit, but he/she can’t walk without having these “gross” muscles developed.

Gross motor activities for babies are all about using legs and arms, and the entire body.

One of many amazing activities to help babies’ gross motor development is pushing and pulling objects. It’s a super simple activity that requires no settup.

On S’s first Christmas, Santa brought cars, trains and many other toys on wheels. It’s like Santa knew she gets excited for everything that rolls. 🙂

Pushing and pulling toys, such cars, is simple yet very effective. This activity strengthens arms, torso, legs and baby has to hold the head up high in order to see the toy better.

S loves pushing cars. We have 4 of them and they are just perfect size for her little hands. I encouraged her to push the car away and then pull it closer to herself.

At first I had to model the play, push the car away, and she would then pull it back closer to herself. After a while, she started pushing the car away too.

Once she was done playing with the car, we tried to push and pull the train. She loved holding the string and pull it closer after I pushed it away. We played like that for a while.

Eventually she got tired of all the pushing and pulling, and she started banging on top of the train, and then lifting the train up and trying to put it in her mouth. Lifting objects is great gross motor skills activity too, so it’s a win-win!

Does your baby like to play with cars? Do you have any ideas for pushing and pulling objects? Let us know in the comments!

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