Foam flowers craft

Flowers are always fun to make, but they’re especially fun in the spring or summer months. Kids see flowers outside in your backyard, in the grass when you go for a walk and just about everywhere. You can definitely see more flowers at the grocery stores as well during these months.

Well, since there are flowers everywhere, why not to make some of our very own as well?

My daughter LOVES smelling flowers. So I sometimes spray just a tiny bit of some floral scent onto our finished product so she can smell them too!

This art was inspired by Plain Vanilla Mom blog. It’s so cute we just had to try it!

What you will need for your foam flowers

How to make foam flowers

Plug in your glue gun if that’s what you’re using, and set it aside to let it heat up. The gun will get hot so careful not to just leave it on the table or anything else that can get damaged. I usually put it inside of an old metal baking pan.

Grab a pen and draw flowers and leaves on your foam sheets. You can draw any flowers you want really!

Once you’re done drawing, cut the flowers and leaves out with scissors. You can let your child cut the flowers out if he/she knows how to hold scissors. It’s a great practice for them. But if you have younger child, go ahead and cut the flowers out yourself.

Your child can glue flowers and leaves on wooden sticks with glue dots by himself/herself, or you can help with a glue gun. Glue in the glue gun will be hot so I do not recommend you let children handle glue gun and glue the flowers! Glue can feel hot for a moment even when you touch it through the foam sheet.

If you’re using glue gun, have children assemble everything how they want it and then just glue it really quick.

When all the flowers are done, cut out a pot out of any foam sheet and glue all flowers on the back of it as shown on the picture above. Voila! You have beautiful spring/summer foam flowers in the pot!