The Best Christmas Gifts for kids with ADHD

Kids with ADHD can have hard time focusing. Keeping their little hands busy is usually very helpful. 

As a preschool teacher, I always had a whole basket of toys designated to keep my active students’ hands busy while we did circle time and other learning activities that required paying attention. It helped so much I became a lifetime fan of fidget toys! They are fun not only for kids with ADHD. Any child will love these toys. Some of them can be even great for kids with Autism. 

From my experience, keeping a variety of toys like these is a key to keep kids interested.

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Stretchy String Sensory Toy

These little strings are great for kids that love stretchy things. They are also called monkey noodle and they’re the neatest things I’ve seen! It’s a soft little noodle that stretches very long and then comes back to it’s original shape. 


Many kids with ADHD will get frustrated when playing with complicated blocks. Interlox is very easy to connect and take apart, it’s very colorful and great for kids with short attention span or patience. 

Kinetic Sand

If your child likes PlayDoh, he/she is going to love Kinetic Sand! It’s super soft and actually very pleasant to the touch. You know how PlayDoh always dries up after a while? Kinetic Sand doesn’t!

Sensory Scooter/Surf board

Active kids need active toys. This scooter/surf board keeps their whole body moving and it will keep them entertained for hours! It’s small enough to just throw it in the car whenever you’re going to grandma’s house. 


Hisss is a card game for the whole family. Older kids will love matching the color of the snake, younger kids will love all the colorful pictures to look at! 


Does your child love Lego but hates cleaning? Which one doesn’t, huh?! That’s why you need ZipBin! Unzip it for a soft play mat with pictures of the city. Your child will love to build his Lego land in there. Done playing? Zip it up and leave Lego there. All clean! 

Slime Kit

Allright, seriously, who does not like to make and play with the slime. This is the perfect gift for any child – any age. My kids at preschool would be making slime every single day if I’d let them. 


Tangle is a neat little thing you squeeze and move around. It’s great for travelling, since it’s small and not messy. It does a great job at keeping busy little hands occupied!

Jeliku Toy

It’s a square that makes more squares. Turn different sections over for endless fun. It’s a great stress reliever!

Infinity Cube

It’s exactly what it’s called. This cube just keeps going! You can flip the different sides of the cube and it seems to never end. Very interesting and very entertaining!

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

It’s similar to PlayDoh but better. You can get Mini Putty with 8 different colors – that can be a great starter pack! Or you can buy bigger individual tins or color you chose. The best thing about this putty is that it doesn’t dry out!

Rainbow Sphere

What’s better than a ball? An expandable ball! This thing will go from little ball in the palm of your hand into this giant ball that needs two hands to hold!

Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner is a classic everyone knows. It’s great for keeping hands occupied, plus it looks cool when you spin it really fast!

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