25 Fun preschool alphabet activities

Learning alphabet is essential. But it doesn’t always go easy. Children don’t have the attention span long enough to sit and do flash cards or study like the older kids. Fun preschool alphabet activities are much better for teaching kids of preschool age.

That’s why I came up with these fun alphabet activities for preschoolers! It’s a great way to learn ABCs, and I guarantee your kids will not protest against these lessons. I recommend doing these at the end of the day and closing your preschool/homeschool day with one of these fun activities.

Alight, let’s see 25 Fun preschool alphabet activities:

Paint with water

If it’s a nice warm day outside, and you want to get your kids outside, give them a bucket full of water and large paintbrushes (the adult size). They can paint letters on a fence, a house, or a driveway with water! I did this activity with kids when I taught preschool, and everyone loved it! Kids love it because it’s fun and they get to play with water while learning. Parents and teachers love it because although it’s painting, there is no mess to clean up since it’s just water, and this alphabet game makes learning letters a breeze. It’s also great for gross motor skills since they’re painting with large paintbrushes, that are quite heavier than the small ones, and the painting surface is big as well.

Secret messages

Use rubber cement, white crayon, or white oil pastel and write letters on a white paper. Paint with a watercolor (you can mix water + food coloring) over it. The watercolor won’t stay on the letter and your painting will reveal what letters you wrote! Make sure the letters are bigger so they’re easier seen after you paint with watercolor over them. I would trace each letter with a white crayon at least 4-5 times, that way the letter is thicker and there is a bigger layer of crayon on the paper.

Letter maze

For some alphabet fun, you can either print out letter mazes from the internet, buy some here, or make your own. You can make a different maze for uppercase and for lowercase letters. It’s a great way to introduce and help remember the letters! Say all the letter sounds out loud as you look for the way out through the maze!

Write in sand/sugar

Sand or sugar are one those things that gets used over and over again. Especially for homeschooling families, this is a must-have!
Put some sand or sugar into a sensory table, a large plastic tub/Tupperware, or a deep baking pan. Make sure there is enough sand or sugar to cover the bottom (I usually recommend about an inch of sand or sugar).
Get a stick and you are ready to start writing!

Play-doh ABCs

I don’t know about you, but I just love playing with play-doh(also called play dough). It’s the perfect letter matching game. Every time kids in my class played with play-doh I sat down and played with them! Kids love to make letters from it. I’ve done the whole alphabet with kids, or we did names. We had fun with both.
If kids don’t know the alphabet very well yet, I’d write letters on a piece of paper so they can see how each letter looks. If your child knows the alphabet, and can write it on his/her own, then your child is probably ready to try and make the alphabet without looking at letters written on the paper.
Sometimes I’d help kids with making letters, but some kids didn’t need my help. Every child is different.

Letter blocks matching

At home I have blocks with uppercase letters written on them. Each block has a different letter. Write lowercase letters on a paper, leaving enough space between letters for blocks.
Match the letter on your block to the letter on the paper.

Letter BINGO

BINGO was very popular with my pre-K kids. I’d often make letter BINGO, number BINGO or shapes BINGO. It’s such a fun way to learn!
You can make your own BINGO or print some out from the internet.
Once you have BINGO boards ready, print out our alphabet cards here, cut them out and draw a letter at a time to play BINGO.

Alphabet cookies

I don’t think I know a preschooler who doesn’t like to bake cookies…and being a preschool teacher, I know a lot of preschoolers!
Make a cookie batter together, and then make letters out of it. You can make your name or the whole alphabet, it’s up to you! Then bake it just like a normal cookie, and decorate it however you want.

Find the letters on the license plates

If you need to entertain your kids while driving, play a game with license plates. You can say a letter, and then try to find it on a license plate. Can you find all the letters in your name?

Match the Easter egg halves

Do you still have those plastic Easter eggs that come apart into two pieces? Use them for an alphabet lesson! Write uppercase letter on one half, and lowercase letter on the other half. Kids can match the uppercase letters to lowercase letters by putting egg halfs together.

Clothespin lowercase uppercase match

Write lowercase letters on a paper, then write uppercase letters on clothespins. Match lowercase letters and uppercase letters by clipping clothespins on the paper. This exercise also works on your child’s fine motor skills.

Spray letters with whip cream spray

Ok, seriously, who would protest against spraying letters with whip cream? We usually do it on pancakes. I make large pancakes for breakfast, and we spray letters on them! You can change it up and paint a letter with chocolate sauce, maple syrup or anything else if you want.

Guess a letter on a muffin top

When you make muffins, decorate them by writing letters on top of them. If your child wants a muffin, they have to guess what letter is on top. No letter – no muffin!

Do-a-dot letters

Do-A-Dot markers are a popular tool in preschool. Teachers love them because they keep kids interested and busy, kids love them because they’re fun!
Write letters on a large paper, and “trace” them with a Do-A-Dot marker.

Alphabet dominoes

Alphabet dominoes are just like normal dominoes, but instead of dots, there are letters. You can usually find printables on the internet, or make some yourself. This game is really fun and older siblings can join too. It’s a great game for family game nights!

Find the letter

alphabet worksheets

You can find Alphabet worksheets printable HERE. These free printable worksheets are great for practicing tracing and writing letters, and on each letter card there is a “Find the letter” section where you look for the letters in between other alphabet letters.

Build a letter out of blocks

I’m pretty sure any of you have some kind of blocks at home. Use them to build letters! You can use Lego, snap cubes, or any other blocks you have at home.

Geoboards fun

Use geoboards and rubber bands to make letters, shapes, numbers and anything else you want. It’s a great practice of fine motor skills as well!

Stamp letters

Use letter stamps to make letter prints on a paper or into a play-doh. Kids in my class loved this one! We’d “write” words using stamps and then hang them up on a wall. So much fun!

Letter fishing

Put some foam letters into a sensory table or a big tub full of water. Then say a random letter and encourage your child to find that letter and fish it out using tongs. This alphabet activity is great for letter recognition.

Pipe Cleaner letters

Pipe Cleaners are the most versatile little things, aren’t they? They’re especially great for kids alphabet. Grab some colorful ones, and try to shape letters out of them. It’s actually not so easy to make a nice looking letter out of them! It’s a perfect fine motor activity. Writing each letter with sharpie on a piece of paper might help your child to remember how the letter looks like.


You know those little magnetic letters that people put on their fridge? They’re not just for holding pictures. Use them for some preschool letter activities! You can leave each other messages, or encourage your little one to help you with forming words. Let’s say you want to write “I love you”. Spell one letter at a time and ask your child to help you find letters for the sentence. “Can you help me find L for Love? Ok, now we need O”! You can also use the baking pan. Most of them are magnetic but you better check before you buy one because not every one of them is!

Alphabet road

Do your children love playing with cars? Help them make an alphabet road! All you need for this is colorful masking tape and you’re good to go. Tape the masking tape on the floor in a shape of letters. You can even draw lines in the middle, so it looks like a real road.

Bath letters

Bath time is a great time for incorporating some abc games. Foam alphabet letters are soft and stay stuck on the wall of the bathtub or the tile when wet. Great for forming names, and any other words you’d like. They also float! Give your little one some large cooking spoons and cups, and let them scoop the letters up and transfer them in and out of the cups. Floating letters can be pulled out of water with tongs. How fun! This is an awesome fine and gross motor activity!

I Spy

When you read books, look for the letters. Say “I Spy with my little eye letter M!”. This is great for letter recognition and teaches kids that letters form words, and words form sentences.

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Print alphabet flash cards HERE and HERE.

Do you have any other ideas for great activities to teach alphabet? Did you try any of our alphabet games for kids? Tell us about it in comments bellow!

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